Technical services

Codetexx offers a variety of services, mainly focused on translations, coding and design. We offer skills in Dutch and English translations, Front End and Game development, UI/UX and Game design, 3D art, and many more..

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Our Services

Below you will find a list of all the services that we offer here at Codetexx. Scroll down to view them all or click the button to view our services page. Unsure of what service you might need or is the required service not on the list? Feel free to contact us!


Codetexx offers professional translations between Dutch and English for various forms of media such as videos, essays, games, websites and more.

Web development

Codetexx offers services in HTML, SCSS, JavaScript and WordPress development.  We also offer to help find a hosting for your website and/or application.

Design & Illustration

Codetexx can help create a website or application mockup using Adobe XD or Figma. We also help to design icons, styling and/or logo’s for your brand.

Creative Writing

Codetexx can help create a market-friendly piece of text, scripts and/or captions for videos and different forms of copywriting.

Game development

Codetexx has a variety of services available in game development and art. Outside of our own games, we help test games and create concept art.

Other services

Codetexx also offers a few extra services such as video editing, Social media management and more under the name VA-Pro.

Discover more about Codetexx

Codetexx is a brand name under the company VA-Pro. At Codetexx, we offer a variety of services as a developer, designer and writer. With our diverse area of expertise, we hope to assist companies and brands  with not only our creativity, but also an optimistic and ambitious mindset to help elevate your brand or company to a new level.

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