About Us

What is Codetexx exactly, and what can we offer to you? Codetexx is our digital service for writing and programming. We use creative skills to offer you these services, ensuring you a result that will help you in your own development
or other means.

My name is Celine Kallemein, and i am a Dutch college student currently studying the Bachelor ‘Creative Media and Game Technologies’ at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Here, i am learning to build all sorts of applications
within the world of technology.

Using these skills and previous experience with technology and language, i can offer you these services and learn from them in my own personal development in both college, and my career, all while helping others.

I finished studying middle school on HAVO level (middle level of scholarship in the Netherlands). Before finishing the exams, i had studied 4 years of VWO (one level higher than HAVO), before dropping down to HAVO to finish my exams
one year earlier and get started on programming in my own time.

Next to my normal education, i also followed all classes in English for the first three years. After that i finished my exams for a CAE certificate. As one of the subjects, i followed Research and Development for 2 years; which
focuses on leading a creative project through research, and developing an optimal product.

Why pick Codetexx?

Of course, we are not the only company out there offering these services. Despite this, every company, including ours, has a unique set of skills and expertise that can help make these services stand out from the rest. By picking Codetexx,
you choose a small team with a creative perspective for each service, therefore capable of offering you the best of results, aligning with your personal needs. 


Below, you will find some of our past services done for customers, including some personal works and contributions to others.


Cleaning up a database for de Onderlingen

Of course, we are open to any assignments that surround our expertise in services. One good example is this assignment we got from de Onderlingen, a Dutch insurance company. Their system had a few problems with registered thatched
house owners, that needed cleaning up. We discussed an hourly price rate for cleaning their database, and eventually came to an agreement. After a few hours of work, we had cleaned up the entire system.

Personal works

Global Game Jam 2020

At the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the school organised a worldwide event called the Global Game Jam. This event involves making a fully functioning video game within 48 hours based on a given theme. This challenges developers
worldwide to come with quick ideas and get as creative as possible in a short time span. Here we worked with a small group of developers to make the game called ‘Androchtizo’, a small first-person horrorgame based on the theme “repair”.
In 48 hours, we managed to build a 2-chapter story, which we are currently expanding after the event.